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 Advanced Transfiguration (year 7 all houses)

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PostSubject: Advanced Transfiguration (year 7 all houses)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:06 pm

"Ducklifors" whispered Andrew.
Drews small frog infront of him turned into a duck.

Hmm what a simple spell Thought Drew.
I wonder if Stin will come back to class. I know he finished this lesson already and Prof.M already has him working on more advaced spell but still I would not mind having a friend here.

Drew continued turning his frog/duck back and forth while the rest of the class struggled.

((ooc: Read for info on small dragon: http://squibguild.forumotion.com/classroom-f17/hallway-outside-charms-class-with-gry-huff-t70.htm#466))

Suddenly a small dragon flew into class and landed on Prof. M's desk. The small creature dipped its tail in some ink and wrote out a message on some parchment.

"Sorry, but I will not be making it back to class today. Though I thought I would show you I am already done the next months homework by sending this small dragon. Thanks for understanding. ~Stin"

Once it was finished it flew over to Drew and blew a small fire ball on some blank parchment. The dragon then turned back to a small toy one and fell to the floor.

Drew looked over at the burned parchment surprised to see a message burned into it. Drew quickly stuffed it into his pocket.
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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Transfiguration (year 7 all houses)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:41 am

Felicity danced her way into the room. Hardly anyone was there yet.
She saw a hufflepuff boy whom she hadn't met yet. Smiling at him, she introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Felicity!" she told him, sticking out her hand so he could shake it.
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Advanced Transfiguration (year 7 all houses)
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