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 Dungeons: Potion's Office.

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Dungeons: Potion's Office. Empty
PostSubject: Dungeons: Potion's Office.   Dungeons: Potion's Office. EmptyFri Apr 03, 2009 9:06 am

Becca paced her office, tommorrow was her 'observation' lesson.
She had to teach years 6 & 7, all houses a fun, successful, interesting lesson whilst some annoying person from the ministry observed her in the corner.
It was her final observation lesson, it would either make or break her career at Hogwarts.
She needed it to go well.

The problem? It was first lesson.
The day after the Fool's ball, and Adelina was having that after party.
She knew about it of course, but she didn't mind.
It just meant that her bright-faced students would either skip it, or be so tired they fall asleep.
Either away, it wasn't going to be good.
She needed to give them a task so fascinating it could wake the dead.
Wiggenweld Potion?
Too boring, she taught that the 3rd years.
What will really capture there attention?
Felix Felicis?
Surely they'd want to make potions, if that was indeed the potion.

But everyone having Felix Felicis would cause a riot.
The couple who completed the potion first, and correctly would win a bottle each.
She would put a spell on the couldrons, to make sure that only she could remove the potion.
That would stop the others stealing it.
She could pair them up with people they didn't like.
That way they would talk less.

But would the ministry approve??
Becca continued to pace, maybe she would run it past a few students.
See what they thought of the idea.

She opened her office door and headed towards the corridor.
She would simply search for random people in her lesson and see what they thought.
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Dungeons: Potion's Office.
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