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 Freddie & Adelina- to clear things up.

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PostSubject: Freddie & Adelina- to clear things up.   Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:47 am

^^ Post there if you are not mentioned below.


[Liked] - Liliane, Aurelius, Lucille (maybe?), Stin (maybe?), Matteus
[Disliked] - Lottie, Alice
[Love Interests] - Liliane, Shina (maybe?),

[Liked] - Icky, Lucille, Will, Felicity, Caleb, Matteus
[Disliked]- Jamie, Lullaby, Preston, Lottie, Alice
[Love Interests]- Royce
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Freddie & Adelina- to clear things up.
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